Courts destroy children! Polish Fathers call for awakening

Here is a cultural relations exchange Polish fathers wanted to share to the fathers in Idaho. We need to wake up, because this is far more serious and dangerous with consequences more devastating than anyone realizes:

„As harsh as this may sound, the reality is that Polish men are increasingly leading the statistics of suicide in Europe.
The real numbers are horrendous hidden by religious fanaticism, that hides more than 60 thousand suicides each year.
This is the reason why we dare to use this historical expression that the Auschwitz holocaust of Poland, during WW II is honestly nothing short of a quiet and hidden extermination of the male society in Poland. As we know most of those suicide are related to family issues like divorce, parental alienation, economical trouble, alcoholism, and other well know problems related to divorce.

Obraz może zawierać: co najmniej jedna osoba i tekst

Since the Cold War and fall of communism in 1989 almost 3 Million fathers have been deprived of more than 5 Million children. The suicide stat among children and youth in Poland increases alarmingly every year. This is a clear sign of a fathers-less society that is being brought up. Like scientists collecting data, we can posses so much knowledge regarding this problem and it’s long term side effects.

W.H.O. has even put parental alienation on ICD 11 Card at the conference held in Strasbourg last November with guide lines of members to follow for Poland.

The Polish government has no intention of doing so and keeps a rope tied around the necks of Polish fathers by implementing heavy outdated laws with innumerable limitations from the CCCP days making every father unfit to be in his child’s life.

Best regards and support to The Idaho Fathers Rights Movement from the Polish Fathers
~ D. Hillard

Editor’s note: What is happening in regards to parental alienation and the family court corruption and abduction of our children is not just happening in Idaho… but globally all over the world. Polish Fathers Rights leaders are protesting against court corruption and widespread parental alienation to an estimated 5,000 fathers* in the country. They protested in the capital city of Warsaw, December 2019.

*The correct number is ca. 500,000 – TylkoTata

The article was originally published at: The Idaho Fathers’ Rights Movement

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2 Replies to “Courts destroy children! Polish Fathers call for awakening”

  1. dziękuję za ten artykuł i zwiększanie świadomości tego, co się dzieje. niech przyszłość będzie lepszym i bezpieczniejszym miejscem dla wszystkich.

    1. The future will not be any safer and better place unless we act strongly and unless THEY are scared. Sorry to say this, but there is no other option… We have checked it out…

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